With our world renowned surfacing technology, STARPATH is a unique solution that transforms any resin-based surface into a light-responsive sustainable pathway, emitting energy for up to 10 hours.

As an addition to existing surface material, our light responsive granules are composed from our strong composite material, perfectly formulated to make pathways and road surfaces around the world, into self-sufficient areas. The new surfacing technology takes on from the original STARPATH, now more efficient, more powerful and readily available world wide.

STARPATH is available as a full surfacing system, complete with resin and aggregate mix, or alternatively as just it’s glowing granular component.

Charged by natural and artificial light

Our STARPATH Technology harnesses the power of UV energy to emit a strong glow for up to 10 hours at night.

Added to any Surfacing Mix

With our innovative new solution, our STARPATH Technology can be added to any resin-based surfacing mix to transform existing paths.

Expert Development with industry leaders

Our surfacing additive combines innovation with tried and tested composite methods.

Originally released to the world as a spray applied technology in 2013, STARPATH provides a groundbreaking step forward in sustainable infrastructure and free energy pathway lighting.

Through its development with compound and surfacing experts, STARPATH has become brighter, more efficient and globally available.

Now as a resin-based additive, STARPATH fits in to any resin-bound surfacing material to transform any pathway into a sustainable, UV charged footpath or road surface that is able to glow for up to 10 hours on even limited charging.

How can you get STARPATH?
Simply contact our dedicated team to find out how you can infuse STARPATH technology into your pathway network. We will help you reach the most efficient and effective solution for your project from granule size and desired finish.

What does it cost?
Pricing for STARPATH is determined on an individual project basis, based on a number of factors. We aim to make our solution as cost effective as possible to extend sustainable surfacing to all corners of the globe, including those where electricity supply is intermittent or unreliable.

Producing light responsive, free-energy coatings and compounds for sustainable and energy saving solutions.

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