SHANGHAI 25 September, 2016 12.30am

Nevana Designs proudly announces its latest (second generation) STARPATH has been installed in Shanghai, marking a very important milestone for the company’s international expansion.

Nevana Designs CEO and STARPATH inventor Hamish Scott adds, “We are really excited about the opportunity for a rapidly growing China to harness our leading edge environmental solutions, to best meet the energy needs of the Chinese people. STARPATH technology has been developed to a point where it is much brighter and is also significantly more cost effective to install, and we have experienced a huge surge in recent enquiry and orders as a result.”

The stunning surface in Shanghai, the latest addition to what is an ever-growing network of sustainable projects using STARPATH technology, was commissioned for the Qianxiaoju Creative Farm and also incorporates innovative glowing designs along the pathway. Nevana Designs’ China distributor Wang Tianbao comments, “Many people have visited the path, it is very beautiful. We currently have many other projects in China planning to use this technology.”

The previously unlit pathway has now seen a big increase in pedestrian traffic at night, the new photoluminescent surface providing pathway users with a safer, more attractive and sustainable solution – while also negating the requirement for the more expensive electrical lighting fixtures, with their associated ongoing power and maintenance costs.

CEO Hamish Scott continues, “Through our global network of distributors we are now able to deliver our innovative range of STARPATH, Eco-Disc and light-responsive paint products anywhere in the world. The unquestionable success of the Shanghai project demonstrates the demand for our technology is real and growing by the day. We look forward to working with our global partners as we continue to delight our key customers and further develop the technology.”

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