Coating Solutions

In its most versatile form our coating formulation infuses our light responsive STARPATH Technology on to almost any surface and has already captured the imagination of the world. With a simple exposure to ambient light, surfaces coated with our photolumincent will emit light for up to 10 hours in a range of colours.

Working with specialists in the paint and coating industry, our innovative coating transforms anything from small consumer goods to bikes, boats and even cars. This extends its use to both aesthetic and practical applications ranging from glowing cars to light emitting bikes and shoes.

In many cases we offer a bespoke formulated solution that best fits the surface and tolerances the coating will need to withstand. These can vary from temperature tolerance to wear strength, as well as factors like exposure to water and base colour considerations.

Up to 10 Hours

25 Year Life Span

Bespoke Formulation

It can be hard to make a statement, unless your car literally glows.


Forget your velvet wrapped Roller, a full glow-in-the-dark coating is the skin to be seen in.


Bright spark makes an Aston Martin ‘come alive’ by coating it with glow-in-the-dark paint.


You better not speed or try to run from the cops when driving in this Aston Martin DBS.


Throughout its conceptualisation and formulation, produced concepts that express the expansive possibilities our coating offers and its ability to transform ordinary objects into exceptional items.

When thought of in practical terms, our coating brings a new and innovative dimension to safety. On bikes, helmets and boats rather than relying on reflecting light, these objects can now produce their own light energy.

Struggle to find your phone or glasses at night? Let a soft glow help you identify your phone, even in the dark of your handbag.

Our coatings have been used in promotional applications by international brands and campaigned around the world for its incredible potential and show-stopping appearance.

In 2015, Nissan Automotive used our energy responsive coating to capture the worlds attention using its all-electric, eco-friendly Nissan Leaf as a basis for application.

After continued development, our coating was later adorned on an Aston Martin DBS for the 2016 ‘Stockholm to Vegas’ Gumball 3000. Again, the light emitting finish applied to arguably one of the worlds most desirable British super cars, earned the attention of international media and far reaching social spread.

Pricing and Availability

Our coatings and finishes are available to clients and business worldwide. Using specialist labs and experts in paint formulation, we provide a paint solution that is bespoke to the application and tolerances the surface will experience. Additional to this, we offer full paint systems that include a base and top coats for assembly and line use.

If you have a product line, a branding exercise or unique project that you would like to infuse STARPATH technology in with our innovative coating, get in contact with us. We like to discuss and collaborate with partners we work with to produce the best possible formulation to the given project.

Producing light responsive, free-energy coatings and compounds for sustainable and energy saving solutions.

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