Introducing a new generation of free energy technology, the Eco-Disc.

Part of our unique hard-compound range, the Eco-Disc offers all the benefits of our injection moulded Polypropylene composite products, packaging our STARPATH technology into a strong, eco-friendly unit.

Born from a need for cost-effective and zero-energy way-finding and path lighting, the Eco-Disc uses STARPATH technology to harness UV energy and generate light for over 10 hours, even with minimal exposure to direct light.

Our Eco-Discs are the perfect solution for sustainable and friendly path lighting solution. Harnessing the energy from ambient light, and packaged in a sturdy composite mould, they can emit light for up to 10 hours on even small exposures to light.

Versatility is what the Eco-Disc is developed for. Wherever there is an unlit path in a civic, business or commercial area, the Eco-Disc will light the way. From local governments, to businesses and even homes, the simplicity of the disc makes it perfect for each environment.

To make an order or to discuss your projects using Eco-Discs, get in touch here. We like to ensure we offer our customers the best solution for their projects which can involve a degree of bespoke formulation for large orders.

As part of our unique hard-compound range, the EcoDisc offers all the benefits of our injection moulded Polypropylene composite products, such as:

Built to Last

Our composite formulation has been developed to withstand high temperatures and cracking.

25 Year Life Expectancy

With regular charging and discharging, our discs perform better with age.



The Eco-Disc is available in 2 distinctive colours – Cobalt and Green.

We have selected this range based on a balance between the appearance both in the light and the dark, as well as the colours ability to be seen in the dark. We find typically that reds and oranges have a negative impact on visibility in this space.

Nevana Designs CEO Hamish Scott explains the Eco-Disc, “After many years of research and development, including collaboration with several industry leaders, the ECO-DISC’s photoluminescent technology delivers an extremely cost effective, energy saving lighting alternative to more traditional ‘power consuming’ devices”.

Commercial and Office Areas

Save your business money in costly overnight power consumption, lighting paths and roads around your facility. The Eco-Disc highlights these areas of your property as a free-energy solution.

Industrial Spaces and Factories

Safeguard unlit industrial areas and loading bays with our free-energy path lighting. Equally crucial for providing illumination during power failures where traditional lighting fixtures fail.

Parks and Civic Areas

Zero-maintenance, hassle free function makes the Eco-Disc perfectly suited for parks and civic areas that remain unlit through the night, improving safety and usability for the public using these spaces.

Homes and Residential

Wether freely distributed around the garden or sealed in to paths around the home, the Eco-Disc is the perfect eco-friendly solution to simple and easy lighting for unlit areas around the home.

Producing light responsive, free-energy coatings and compounds for sustainable and energy saving solutions.

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