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When it comes to commercial areas, businesses traditionally rely on costly sensor lights or constant electrical lighting around the property. Not only is this an extremely inefficient use of power it also contributes to wasted revenue on growing power bills.

Utilising our eco-friendly alternative, businesses can harness free UV energy to illuminate paths and roads around offices, factories, facilities and other commercial areas.

While the Eco-Disc lends itself to practical applications, it also brings a raft of safety possibilities for across a range of sectors. Additional to simple functions like highlighting parking bays and exterior spaces in the dark, businesses are able to use our technology to highlight emergency and transit routes for staff.


We have developed the Eco-Disc for a simple and easy installation. Here’s how you can install them around your property:

  • Use the recess on the back for adhesive silicone to fasten to most surfaces
  • Drill to wooden boards or fence posts (the disc will not crack)
  • Freely distribute without fastening for a quick and temporary solution

Once placed in an area of sufficient sunlight or other direct light, the Eco-Disc will begin absorbing UV energy to then emit a strong glow through the night.

Producing light responsive, free-energy coatings and compounds for sustainable and energy saving solutions.

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