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When it comes to public areas, a clear path ahead is crucial in parks and walkways in cities and towns around the world. Little wonder then that significant amounts of public spending go toward powering and maintaining costly electrical lighting structures in these areas.

Eco-Disc eliminates both the cost and the maintenance associated with traditional lighting in these areas making them a favourite among forward-thinking councils and state bodies. While some throughout the UK and the USA have explored the use of metal or plastic fixtures to achieve this, the self generating light of the Eco-Disc extends this to all-hours use and the ability to dramatically re-think park and civic lighting.

Where electrical lighting fixtures are not feasible, or simply not available for the given area, the no-maintenance Eco-Disc will light the way for commuters and recreational users of these civic areas.

Eco-Friendly lighting solutions for public areas

We have developed the Eco-Disc for a simple and easy installation. The versatility of the units meant they can be installed in a number of different surfaces and areas in public spaces. Here’s how you can install them around your property:

  • Use the recess on the back for adhesive silicone to fasten to most surfaces
  • Drill to wooden boards or fence posts (the disc will not crack)
  • Freely distribute without fastening for a quick and temporary solution

Once placed in an area of sufficient sunlight or other direct light, the Eco-Disc will begin absorbing UV energy to then emit a strong glow through the night.

Producing light responsive, free-energy coatings and compounds for sustainable and energy saving solutions.

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