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Spacescape Designs is our sole distributor in China, formed by landscape architects and interior designers, based in Shanghai, China. Experts at Spacescape Design focus on using our innovative solutions throughout China and Southern Asia, which is already achieving rapid success in the region.

In 2016, Spacescape Design became the exclusive partner of Nevana Designs in China, introducing STARPATH technology to Chinese designers and developers for the first time. STARPATH is becoming increasingly popular in China, with an increasing number of government, business and private applications being completed across the country.

4013 Zhongyi Mansion
580 Nanjing West Road
Jingan district
Shanghai 200041

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Many landscape architects within China are looking for new, sustainable technology as a distinctive attraction point for their design plans, and both STARPATH and Eco-Disc have helped to grow green-energy alternatives.

Spacescape Designs is also helping customers to design STARPATH at scales not seen anywhere in the world, as a testament to the commitment, public and private organisations are placing on these clean energy alternatives.

In-house experts at Spacescape Design make ensure that STARPATH is effectively and correctly incorporated into every project request. Not only do we offer the innovative technology, but also make sure our material is used in a right place with a right construction methods.

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Producing light responsive, free-energy coatings and compounds for sustainable and energy saving solutions.

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