Applied over the existing surface (usually tarmac or concrete), our light-responsive granules are composed from a strong composite material, perfectly formulated to transform pathways and road surfaces around the world into self-sufficient areas.

The new surfacing system further enhances the original patented STARPATH technology, to ultimately deliver a more cost effective, even brighter surface which is now readily available world-wide.

STARPATH is available as a full surfacing system, complete with resin and aggregate mix, or alternatively as just it’s glowing granular component.

The benefits of STARPATH

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How long will STARPATH glow?

STARPATH glows for up to 10 hours per charging period

Our testing has shown STARPATH to glow up to 10 hours. The better the UV conditions, the longer and brighter the glow produced.

How is STARPATH applied?

STARPATH works as a simple resin-bound surface

We’ve developed STARPATH to work seamlessly with existing resin bound surfacing solutions. The product can be combined with most stones and we recommend and supply high quality resin.

What is STARPATH made of?

STAPATH is a composite material product

Over the last 10 years STARPATH has evolved into a complex balance of rare-earth materials and composite plastics. The result is a surface material that is both hard wearing and long lasting.

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How much does it cost?

Pricing per m2 for STARPATH is determined on an individual project basis, and is based on factors such as granule size, surface depth and desired brilliance level.

We aim to make our solution as cost effective as possible as we work towards our goal of delivering our uniquely sustainable surfacing system to all corners of the globe.


Simply contact our dedicated team to find out how you can incorporate STARPATH technology into your existing pathway network. We look forward to helping you deliver the most efficient and cost effective solution for your project.